Here are a few examples of the religious facilities we have built, expanded, or remodeled.  Click this link to see more examples on our YouTube channel.

exterior 3 summer  church interior1  interior of cafe  church recreation area1

We do a great deal with industrial projects.   The pictures below are just a few examples.   We have more examples on our Youtube Channel.

building ext cropped  richwood industrial cntr  storage facilty under construction   scafolding box in warehouse

Below are pictures of restaurants we have built or remodeled.

snappy tomatoe pizza whitebox remodel?





We also do governmental buildings and storage facilities.

storage facility for RVs2

storage facility with sign2

simpler storage facility

City Bldg for Crittenden

You can see these and many more examples of our work on our Youtube Channel and by contacting us.


symbol on Crittenden bldg