“We, the committee, feel that we were led by the Lord to Hermes Construction. We are   very pleased with the building addition.”

Lincoln Grubb – Representative, East Dayton Baptist Church


 “I would like to thank you for the great job you did on our new fellowship hall addition. … Tyson was able to work with our architect and our committee to find a balance in a floorplan that would suit our needs while staying within our budget. … Being an accountant myself, I liked that the project was billed on a cost-plus basis, with Hermes forwarding all invoices for materials and subcontractor payments to us to review.  That way, we knew exactly what we were paying for with each monthly invoice to Hermes.”
Scott Smith – Chairman of the Board, Brooksville Christian Church

“I highly recommend Hermes Construction to not only deliver what you want, but also do it with the utmost professionalism and zeal.”

Tom Van Huss – Director of Safety and Property Maintenance, Answers in Genesis


“Hermes Construction is a good resource (quick response, do good work, and flexible). I want to keep them as a resource for future projects.”

Dan Cooper – Facility Maintenance & Operations, TOYOTA Motor Engineering & Manufacturing


“Erik Hermes and Hermes Construction provides a great service at a reasonable cost. Erik’s integrity, creativeness and dedication are his most valued personal assets. The care that he provides for his clients is excellent … he always manages the project with your best interests in mind. I highly recommend Erik and Hermes Construction.”    

John Livingston – Partner, Anchor Storage


“Upon meeting Tyson, he immediately understood our goals and needs….. he not only helped us to develop a plan to meet our goals, he has been an integral part of the implementation strategies…..this is based on his commitment to his work and that of his clients…..he has assisted us with processes related to zoning, property acquisition, financing as well as other investigations related to us gathering sufficient information to make decisions.”

Pastor Larry Scott – Fellowship Church of God


“I have been well pleased throughout the entire process with their exceptional attention to quality and detail on every level. I found them easy to communicate with and co-operative to meeting our specific needs and desires. Both management and site superintendent worked closely with our committee and me to enable us to meet our needs and exceed our expectations. I can safely describe our working relationship as a cooperative venture.”                                                                                                            

David Wendt – Trustee, Timberhill Baptist Church


“You guys did such an amazing job, the project was done better than we could have imagined! This was like a dream for us! The work was precise, quick and done with our best interest at heart! You guys were very accommodating, kind and respectful to us and we truly truly appreciate it. The guys working were awesome! They did a great job, kept everyone in line and were very kind to us!

Jeremiah Forster – Owner, Body Armor


“Thanks for all you have done – we are immensely enjoying the building and can honestly say that I am very happy with every aspect of it…”                                             

James Love – Pastor, Southland Missionary Baptist Church


“The City of Crittenden certainly recommends Hermes Construction Company to any business that is considering new construction of any type.”

Ralph Byrley – Mayor, City of Crittenden


“We don’t feel like we had a good contractor, but a great contractor…..our new building is well constructed, solid, efficient and economical.”

Pastor Scott Miller – Timberhill Baptist Church

See full letter from Timberhill Baptist Church